Cloudera Continues Investment in Security Innovation

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This week, Cloudera had the opportunity to host US Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security. Rep. McCaul joined us at the launch of our newly expanded Center of Security Excellence down in Austin, Texas. This investment signifies not only Cloudera’s continual investment in security but also our partnership with industry leaders as we continue to drive innovation within the data and cyber security space.

“Public and private collaboration is needed in today’s cyber landscape to protect our IT infrastructure and most valuable data against foreign and domestic attacks,” said Rep. McCaul. “The opening of this center comes at a crucial moment in our nation’s sprint to improve cybersecurity; one that will ultimately be defined by how well we respond to the threats we face on a daily basis.”

The fight against cyber threats is not just a single battle but an ever-evolving war that impacts every individual and every organization. How many of you have had your social security number stolen? How about credit card information? Chances are anyone that has ever made an online purchase, or done business with one of the many hacked organizations, has experienced the fear of cyber theft. Losing everything you have worked for in a matter of minutes is not an experience anyone wants to go through.

As the way we live continues to evolve, and more and more personal interactions are moved online from e-commerce to electronic health records, organizations need to protect their customers. The good news is that innovation is already taking place. Whether that be within Cloudera and our ever evolving platform security capabilities, or within our partner ecosystem developing cutting edge Hadoop-based cybersecurity solutions like Countertack, Niara, Fortscale, Platfora, and the list goes on.

To get a better understanding of how Cloudera and our partners are investing in data and cyber security, grab a ticket to Strata+Hadoop World in New York City. On Thursday, October 1st we will be hosting a security day in our booth with a packed agenda showcasing Cloudera and partner security demos. Hope to see you there!

If you missed the opening of the Center of Security Excellence, you can check out photos here.


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