Cloudera Connect, the Blueprint to an Information-Driven Enterprise

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Big data is no longer a nascent concept. In the past few years, organizations have been using Hadoop, a file system with batch data processing framework, to solve many challenges brought on not only by the sheer volume of data, but also by the various types of data. However, as powerful and scalable as it was, Hadoop was not a technology by itself to address emerging business problems and opportunities created by the unprecedented growth in data. It lacked many critical capabilities, not the least of which is the ability to augment existing systems and leverage existing investments and skill sets.

So during Hadoop World last year, our Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Olson blogged about our vision of a data management platform that is able to “store any kind of data, in any volume, in full fidelity, for as long as you need it” while “providing robust security, including strong encryption, access control, logging, auditing and compliance reporting.” In addition, this data management platform “offers a rich — and, over time, growing — set of tools for processing and analyzing data, in place,” and needs to “connect to the database, data warehouse, document repositories and other systems that enterprises use to manage data.”

He dubbed it the enterprise data hub (EDH).

But it is much more than a name. It is a philosophy in how we have envisioned, designed and built our products in the last five years, since the inception of Cloudera. It is a hub, designed to allow all the parts to come together, to carry out a bigger mission. We knew the EDH would not reach its full potential without working closely with a very comprehensive ecosystem of partners. So while we have led the market in product innovation, we also deliberately built a partner ecosystem that fulfills on a core attribute of an EDH — an open and extensible framework to enable customers maximum choice and value for their investment.

The different categories of 800+ Cloudera Connect partners we work very closely with to build joint solutions are in a number of areas:

  1. Hardware, Cloud and reseller partners, enabling customers purchasing and deployment flexibility

  2. Systems integration and services partners, to work with customers to build and deploy business solutions leveraging Cloudera as their EDH

  3. Training partners, to deliver our world-class Cloudera University education broadly throughout the world

  4. Software and OEM partners, to deliver applications and tools in association with Cloudera to drive better decision making and business outcomes

  5. Technology partners, to connect and extend our systems and provide seamless operation in the modern IT environment


Hardware, Cloud, and Reseller Partners for Purchasing and Deployment Flexibility

The key to an information-driven enterprise is to minimize data movement. Together with partners, we offer our customers the ability to deploy an enterprise data hub where and how they need it: through hardware providers on premise, through hosting and MSP providers in the public cloud, through technology partners across private cloud environments, or combination of any of the above. Additionally, we have 60+ reseller partners globally, allowing customers to purchase Cloudera Enterprise however they want. The goal is to always bring storage and processing to the data.

System Integration Partners to Build and Deploy Solutions

Because an enterprise data hub is the heart and soul of becoming information-driven, implementing this next-generation data management platform requires specific skills and industry knowledge that are of high demand. Our SI partners simplify the approach to big data and guide customers with a clear methodology and solutions to achieve their goals. By working with any of our 500+ SI partners, customers are able to obtain services and to ramp up/down resources based on requirements at the time. Additionally, as the pioneer in developing and implementing the EDH, Cloudera is committed to educating and training our SI partners, and to share the best practice we have learned over the years.

Training Partners to Get the Most Out of Cloudera

Cloudera University and dozens of global training partners are the leading providers of training and certification in data management and advanced analytics. These courses are not only built to provide job-specific and technology in-depth training, but also includes use cases from all verticals, including financial services, healthcare, digital media, advertising, bio-science, education and telecommunications.

Software and OEM Partners to Drive Better Decision Making and Business Outcomes

“No one company by itself can develop all the innovation that enterprises require. [We] allow our customers to tap into the best innovations the open source community has to offer, whether that innovation was developed by Cloudera or not,” said Charles Zedlewski, vice president, products at Cloudera at the launch of Cloudera Connect: Innovators program. From getting data from silos into the EDH to running a wide variety of applications and tools against the Cloudera environment, we have over 200 software and OEM partners in the data integration, data security, master data management, BI, advanced analytics and applications space to help our customers derive the most value from all their data.  Every product innovation and enhancement are designed with these software applications in mind, to realize the true data hub vision.

Technology Partners to Provide Seamless Operation Among Systems

The modern IT environment incorporates a number of hardware, software, networking, systems and components, all of which need to work together to deliver business value.  Cloudera is committed to working with providers of these technologies to ensure interoperability, enabling customers choice in running the right workload in the right system and to get the best performance characteristics and value for their investment.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” These famous words of the great philosopher, Aristotle, cannot be any more fitting to describe our vision of the enterprise data hub. And only with relationships with 800+ partners in the Cloudera Connect program, can we ensure our customers can deploy an enterprise data hub where and how they need to, are able to purchase Cloudera where and how they want to, can learn and train on Cloudera, can build and deploy solutions efficiently, and can run a wide variety of applications and tools against their Cloudera environment. And ultimately, ensure that they can be successful in becoming an information-driven enterprise.


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