Cloudera and PUE Partner to Address Big Data Talent Shortage in Spain

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Data may be the world’s most valuable resource, but the global big data talent shortage can hinder the ability of organizations to capitalize on that potential. Talent will be the key factor in linking innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the 21st century. Governments around the globe, grappling with high rates of unemployment, are eying programs to deliver big data skills training and certification to citizens that address both problematic unemployment and entice organizations to maintain or even expand their national footprint.

Cloudera in partnership with training service provider PUE and the Spanish government are collaborating to address the big data skills gap. Through a series of specialized role-based training courses and a certification process to ensure each student has gained world-ready skills, unemployed Spanish citizens can discover new career paths.

In Spain, the National Employment Institute, in collaboration with the Spanish Autonomous Communities created the National Vocational Training and Placement Programme (FIP Programme). Funded by regional or central government and the EU, these programs provide training for roles that are in high demand in the digital economy. The training and certification programs are offered free to both the individual and the organizations seeking talent – demonstrating the government’s commitment to address both community constituent groups.

The results speak for themselves. In the Aragon region of Spain, the Centro de Tecnologias Avanzadas de Zaragoza is a specialized public training center with more than 2500 students registered annually in official training programs. In the two years that Cloudera and PUE have partnered to bring real-world skills-based training to the region, an average of 96% of the participants in the program went on to gain employment. As training participant Sergio Guarga Aso stated, “My experience with Cloudera Training (and amazing PUE instructors) could not be better. Coming from working with relational databases in transactional environments, the training was a great opportunity to discover the big data field with the market leader”.

Angel Pardillos Tome, director at the Centro de Tecnologias Azanzadas de Zaragoza, notes, “The use of big data technologies is a priority for the public entities in charge of employment. Companies require professionals specialized in analytics, data warehousing, and capable of managing, analyzing, and acting upon the conclusions based on huge amounts of information. It’s our duty to provide these professionals to the labor market. Through our Center, every year we provide official Cloudera training with outstanding results in terms of employment: nearly 100% of trained students.”

Cloudera University and our partner PUE will continue developing and delivering training that helps address the big data talent gap in Spain. Cloudera University also supports numerous training partnerships around the globe. If you are interested in learning more about our partnerships, please contact the Cloudera University team.


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