Cloudera 5.2: Hadoop Innovation without Compromise

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One year ago, we announced Cloudera’s vision for the enterprise data hub – a unified platform built on Hadoop to store and process all your data (in any format), with the security, management, and governance needed for production deployment. Our goal with the enterprise data hub is to continuously deliver best-of-breed technologies with simple, yet powerful, enterprise-grade capabilities. An enterprise data hub simply cannot function without both of those tenets. To meet these goals, we have led innovation across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and, as a result, we have not only seen rapid adoption of our EDH from users across a variety of industries, but we have also grown a robust partner ecosystem that further validates our vision. With today’s launch of Cloudera 5.2, we are further delivering on the promise of the enterprise data hub – delivering on our promise of innovation without compromise.

Hadoop in the Cloud without Compromising on Enterprise Capabilities

Cloudera Director is the first portable cloud experience for Hadoop – enabling customers to easily scale their critical Hadoop workloads in the cloud to take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility that cloud environments offer without compromise. Cloud environments are increasingly becoming a popular deployment option for Hadoop and with the first release of Cloudera Director, users now have a simple, reliable way to deploy an enterprise data hub in the cloud, while maintaining an open and neutral platform with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Cloudera and Cloudera Director, deliver key requirements for successful cloud deployments, including:

Enterprise-grade Hadoop

  • End-to-end administration

  • Compliance-ready security and governance

  • World-class supportability and Hadoop expertise

Cloud-Centric Capabilities

  • Elastic scalability

  • Self-Service resource provisioning

  • Tracking for account billing


  • Open source platform

  • Choice in cloud provider

  • Reliable, consistent experience across deployment options

Learn more at and register for the Cloudera Director webinar.

An Analytic Database without Compromising on Hadoop Flexibility

As a native component of the Hadoop ecosystem, Impala combines all of the benefits of other Hadoop frameworks, including flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, with the performance, usability, and SQL functionality necessary for an analytic database.

In its second generation, Impala 2.0 2.0 delivers:

  • Extreme Performance – 10x vs alternatives

  • Robust Usability – Cost-based optimizations for more users and tools to run a broad range of queries

  • Extensive Compatibility – Powerful analytics with ANSI SQL, vendor-specific extensions, and seamless integration with leading BI tools

Register for our upcoming webinar where we’ll highlight all the new capabilities of Impala 2.0 webinar.

Introducing Cloudera Labs and the Cloudera Accelerator Program

Cloudera has led the way in introducing new technology for the Hadoop ecosystem – we were the first to commercially offer Apache HBase; created Apache Flume, Impala, and Hue; and were the first offer and support Spark.

We are excited to launch a new program to showcase innovative ways of taking advantage of your CDH cluster. Cloudera Labs provides a home for technologies that integrate and enhance the capabilities of Hadoop – fostering the incubation of new projects across the ecosystem.

Cloudera Labs introduces several projects including Apache Kafka, a promising data ingest toolkit as well as tools such as RecordBreaker, by Mike Cafarella, one of the original creators of Hadoop.

The Cloudera Accelerator Program helps partners certify their innovative applications being built on proven frameworks in the Cloudera platform, such as Spark and Impala with a goal of advancing real-time and streaming initiatives and solidifying emerging standards such as Apache Spark.

Comprehensive Security without Compromising on Agility

Cloudera the singular leader in security and governance for Hadoop.  Cloudera is dedicated to improving big data security, with deep involvement with Intel on Project Rhino, the recent acquisition of Gazzang – which added enterprise-grade encryption and key management to Cloudera Navigator, and the launch of the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence. With 5.2, we are continuing to simplify and advance security through:

  • Visual Apache Sentry policy management through the Hue UI

  • Easy deployment and installation of Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee

  • Improvements to the breadth and usability of Cloudera Navigator

Register for our upcoming Security webinar with IDC to learn more.

A Proven, Open Platform without Compromising on Innovation

With Cloudera’s enterprise data hub, not only do users get an integrated platform curated with the industry-leading technologies, but they get deep integrations with the our 1,200+ partner ecosystem.


Cloudera 5.2 marks the first major release where Intel and Cloudera have collaborated to contribute to CDH and represents a milestone in that the majority of functionality in Intel’s Distribution of Hadoop (IDH) has been incorporated into CDH. This enables Intel customers to migrate to Cloudera – gaining all the functionality and benefits of an enterprise data hub without losing anything from IDH.


With added support for Isilon an alternative storage backend, Cloudera Manager 5.2 leverages its open APIs to provide more options to customers.

Cloudera 5.2 is now available for download. For more details on what’s included with the release, check out the Engineering Blog.


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