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Deriving Value from IoT – Four Customer Use Cases

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A Data Management Platform for IoT Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled use cases and applications are poised to revolutionize businesses by helping them drive efficiencies, and launch new products and services. Organizations are starting to leverage IoT in order to drive some of the key business objectives, including monitoring and improving product performance, driving operational efficiencies,…

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Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT and the Expanding Threat Surface   The Internet of Things has the potential to be one of the biggest technological revolutions in the  recent ages, enabling businesses to work smarter, faster and more profitably. However, in order for IoT to really gain adoption and attain its promise, one of the critical issues that still…

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Congratulations to the 2016 Data Impact Award Winners!

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Another Strata+Hadoop World, New York edition, has come and gone (whew). As the largest annual conference attended by our customers, it naturally keeps me — Cloudera’s customer advocacy programs leader — very busy. Though sometimes seemingly frenetic, between customer meetings, success story interviews, the early morning Data Dash run for charity, and the Data Impact…

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