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Apache Spark and the Next-Generation Developer

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One of the characteristics that makes the Big Data technology space so vibrant and compelling is the rapid rate of change, powered by the dedicated open-source community. With every ecosystem innovation, Hadoop becomes more and more entrenched at the center of an enterprise data hub. Relevance increases as developers, analysts, and data scientists expand their…

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Try Hadoop Online with Cloudera Live

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Apache Hadoop has quickly evolved beyond simple storage and batch processing to enable customers to interact with all their data in diverse ways – including interactive SQL, enterprise search, advanced analytics, and using a variety of 3rd party partner solutions – on a common open source data platform. This is very powerful – and is changing…

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Converged Analytics and the Enterprise Data Hub Developer

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The deluge of data from new sources and in new formats initially motivated the momentum towards Hadoop in the enterprise. However, the most successful Big Data organizations have expanded beyond the fundamentals of batch processing with MapReduce to analyze and solve real-world problems using the broader set of tools in an enterprise data hub.