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Fanning the Flames with Apache Spark: Evolving Big Data Processing

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Poca favilla gran fiamma seconda. “From a little spark follows a great flame.” – Dante At Cask, we are passionate about software development and developer productivity in the service of solving big customer challenges. We share our customers’ passion for becoming insight-driven organizations. Such enterprises are always on the lookout for new ways to leverage…

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Continuous Ingest in the Face of Data Drift (Part 1)

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Big data has come a long way, with adoption accelerating as CIOs recognize the business value of extracting insights from the troves of data collected by their companies and business partners. But, as is often the case with innovations, mainstream adoption of big data has exposed a new challenge: how to ingest data continuously from…

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Data Driven Entertainment Marketing Gains Competitive Advantage

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This week in New York City is the National Retail Federation (NRF) where hospitality and retail organizations from around the globe gather to learn about the next big thing in their industries, share best practices and identify ideas for taking advantage of technology to drive better business decisions, create business opportunities and capture efficiencies as…

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Evolving to Modern Data Centers with Cloudera Enterprise and Denodo Data Virtualization

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Hadoop and big data technologies, in general, have changed the rules for not only data management but also data integration. Business critical insights derived from advanced analytics by combining data sourced across Apache Hadoop, cloud, and back-office systems and delivered in real-time to business users enable organizations to deliver superior products and services, and provide…

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