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Capturing New Data Sources to Deliver Smarter Products and Services

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We talk a lot about the enterprise data hub at Cloudera. It’s a technology concept that we believe strongly in. And for good reason, we are seeing the success of our customers in unifying their data systems and launching new functionality and applications all powered by a single technology platform. We are seeing organizations adopt…

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The Future of Big Data Is Here Today

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Enterprises today have enormous opportunities to harness big data to improve their competitiveness. In this new age of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), information and data in their organizations are coming from a multitude of different sources worldwide. Everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone by a device and by data. To meet this big…

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Ralph Kimball and Kaiser Permanente: Q&A Part II – Building the Landing Zone

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In a recent Cloudera webinar, “The Future of Data Warehousing: ETL Will Never be the Same”, Dr. Ralph Kimball, data warehousing / business intelligence thought leader and evangelist for dimensional modeling, and Manish Vipani, VP and Chief Architect of Enterprise Architecture at Kaiser Permanente, outlined the benefits of Hadoop for modernizing the ETL “back room” of…

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