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Delivering Trusted Big Data Using End-to-End Data Lineage From Informatica and Cloudera

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Last week, we announced the leaders in data governance space has joined Cloudera to provide a unified foundation for open metadata and end-to-end visibility for governance. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Murthy Mathiprakasam, Principal Product Marketing Manager for Informatica’s Big Data products. Murthy has a decade and a half of…

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Cloudera Navigator + Partners = Comprehensive Big Data Governance Today

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Back in March, Cloudera’s director of product management for data management and governance solutions, Mark Donsky, wrote a two-part blog (part 1 and part 2) explaining the importance of data governance and the complexity of implementing it in Hadoop. He emphasized that data governance is an organization-wide effort that extends well beyond Hadoop or any…

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Credit Cards and Big Data: The Challenge of PCI Compliance

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As the requirements of an increasing variety of risk, conduct, transparency, and technology standards grow to exabyte scale, financial services firms and regulatory agencies are struggling with new compliance challenges, particularly as they relate to balancing data administration cost and complexity, data-intensive operations, and the value of insights that can be gained from such large,…

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