Cask and Cloudera: Partnering to Enable Developers on Hadoop

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This blog was penned by Jonathan Gray, chief executive officer and co-founder of Cask

Today, we’re announcing a significant and unique partnership with Cloudera that includes a strategic investment from Cloudera in Cask, as well as a seat on our Strategic Advisory Board. I’m thrilled that Cloudera has the confidence in our company to take an ownership stake and even more excited that they will provide guidance and input to help our company grow.  The investment is quite unique for Cloudera, and it provides the first proof that the Cloudera and Cask partnership is special.

The next element of the partnership is a commitment to technology collaboration on a joint roadmap.  It’s great to not only announce a roadmap commitment, but to do it in conjunction with a product release that already contains customer-relevant capabilities.  Cask released version 2.7 of our flagship Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) last week with meaningful Cloudera integration, including the ability to install, update, and monitor CDAP within Cloudera Manager. We also provided an automated adaptor to ingest and query data in Cloudera Impala. What would otherwise take significant coding and multiple systems can now be done in a few simple commands. This is consistent with our mission to provide simple access to powerful technology.

The final element of the partnership is a joint go to market plan to jointly engage customers and system integrators to drive our joint solution. One unique element of our plan is to grow and nurture the developer ecosystem for Apache Hadoop. Cask was founded by developers to build solutions for developers, and working with Cloudera will help us enable that community with more scale.

So the partnership is unique and we’ve delivered some cool new capabilities – what will be the market impact?  I see it in two areas.  The first is to broaden the use cases and applications on Hadoop.  Today, Hadoop is often used to augment an enterprise data warehouse or as a new BI tool, accessed by a small number of data scientists or users of visualization tools.  The insights gained from Hadoop have proven very powerful, and there’s a great opportunity to turn those insights directly into action.  Data applications are difficult to build without a software layer providing abstraction, integrated capabilities, and runtime services.  Built on top of a rock-solid platform foundation like the enterprise data hub, CDAP provides the tools for developers to more easily build and deploy data applications.  We believe data applications will create new business value, and drive growth that will serve as a rising tide lifting all boats in the Hadoop community.

The second impact will be to expand the developer base for Hadoop.  Today, there are at least two orders of magnitude more Java developers in the world than there are Hadoop experts. We can unlock the creativity of millions of Java developers and enable them to embed data analytics directly into business applications. Once we do, the results will be nothing short of remarkable.

We’re off to a good start on both goals with the announcement of the partnership and the delivery of CDAP 2.7. The future holds even more opportunity. I’d love to hear from you – please share your ideas on how we can enable new applications and create a broader community of developers on Hadoop.


Jonathan Gray Jonathan Gray, Founder & CEO of Cask, is an entrepreneur and software engineer with a background in open source and data. Prior to Cask, he was at Facebook working on projects like Facebook Messages. At startup Streamy, Jonathan was an early adopter of Hadoop and HBase committer.


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