Bringing Cloudera Enterprise to the… well… Cloud

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Our cloud strategy is centered as much on partnerships as product, and with the recent release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.4, we are focused on ensuring the latest enterprise data hub (EDH) platform is production-ready for any enterprise infrastructure including public, private and hybrid clouds.

Last week at Microsoft Ignite, the company’s worldwide customer conference, Cloudera, in partnership with Intel, is demonstrating how to deploy industry-leading Apache Hadoop distribution on Azure. Cloudera on Azure provides Microsoft customers with the most feature rich and secure version of Apache Hadoop and delivers deployment flexibility for customers to run it on any cloud architecture or even a hybrid mix of public cloud and on-prem.

Speaking of Microsoft, we are proud to support the Azure Data Lake. Announced last week at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, the Azure Data Lake is a hyperscale repository for big data analytic workloads in the cloud. This offering is built for the cloud and compatible with HDFS, and can act as a cloud-based landing zone for data in your enterprise data hub.

Portability will always be important to Cloudera. It’s how we ensure our customers never get locked in to one specific operating environment or architecture, all while continuing to use the enterprise-grade Hadoop platform they need to run the most mission critical applications. Our largest – and growing – Hadoop partner ecosystem extends to cloud deployments from AWS, Red Hat, and others.

We’re always working to make enterprise Hadoop deployments in the cloud simple, reliable, and fast, so look for us to continue enhancements to Cloudera Director. Cloudera Director is the portable, self-service tool to deploy and manage Hadoop in cloud environments.

As an integrated part of Cloudera’s platform, Cloudera Director is being used at large-scale, production deployments and we will continue to drive innovation here so our users can continue to get the best of both worlds – production-ready Hadoop with complete deployment flexibility.

Click here to see a demo of Cloudera Director, or download the software and begin using it right away. To access Cloudera from the Azure Marketplace visit,


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