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After graduating from UC Berkeley TJ Laher found himself working with a variety of disruptive technology companies in the bay area launching products, positioning products, and growing companies through data driven marketing techniques. Before Cloudera, TJ worked with an early stage advanced analytics startup called Ayasdi. While at Ayasdi, he had the opportunity to help Fortune 500 companies mine high dimensional data to deploy novel big data applications. After having worked with these companies, TJ has seen first hand how intelligent use of data will have a positive and long lasting impact on organizations and societies around the world.

Are you prepared for the cybersecurity renaissance? Join us tomorrow to find out more

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We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way in which organizations protect themselves from the modern adversary. Traditional rules based cybersecurity applications of the past are not able to protect organizations in the new mobile, social, and hyper-connected world they now operate within. However, the convergence of big data technology, analytic…

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Cloudera Continues Investment in Security Innovation

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This week, Cloudera had the opportunity to host US Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security. Rep. McCaul joined us at the launch of our newly expanded Center of Security Excellence down in Austin, Texas. This investment signifies not only Cloudera’s continual investment in security but also our partnership with…

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