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Sam Heywood is responsible for driving Cloudera’s portfolio of security technologies. He is a seasoned product and marketing executive with leadership experience at several notable technology startups and is well versed in systems management, online CRM platforms, consumer eCommerce and security technologies. Prior to Cloudera Sam was VP Products and Marketing for Gazzang, leading global product innovation and delivery, corporate marketing and demand generation programs. Sam was Senior Director of Products at uShip, driving the company's expansion into multiple product lines spanning the consumer retail and commercial freight markets. Sam also held Product and Marketing Management roles at Convio driving development of a new business line based upon, and Product Development roles at Tivoli. Sam holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a B.S. in Computer Sciences.

Join Apache Spot (Incubating): The Community Dedicated to Ending Cyber Threats

Categories: Open Source Software Security, Risk, and Compliance

At this point we’ve all witnessed the seemingly endless parade of headlines regarding yet another cyber attack. The latest news came September 22, 2016 from Yahoo! and includes the staggering revelation that “at least 500 million accounts were stolen” in, wait for it, “late 2014”. Those 500M+ accounts can be added to the already hefty…

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Introducing Open Network Insight: Accelerating Cybersecurity Analytics Solutions

Categories: Security Security, Risk, and Compliance

The Open Network Insight (ONI) v1.0 project is an open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, community developed network data model that delivers visibility into security threats by providing advanced threat detection using big data analytics. ONI uses machine learning as a filter for separating suspicious network traffic from benign and to characterize the unique behavior of…

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Introducing RecordService: The Future of Security Authorization in Hadoop

Categories: General

The recently published survey from SANS, “Enabling Big Data by Removing Security and Compliance Barriers,” revealed a majority of organizations are using Big Data systems to process highly sensitive data sets. The findings of this survey are consistent with the use cases Cloudera customers have deployed for many years, taking advantage of Cloudera’s continued investments…

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Production-Ready Hadoop: An Overview of Security in Cloudera 5

Categories: Security

As Apache Hadoop becomes increasingly critical to enterprises looking to get more value from more of their data, security and governance concerns are top-of-mind when evaluating Hadoop platforms. Cloudera 5 and related releases (5.3 being the most recent of Cloudera 5.x) offers comprehensive security controls that address the four pillars of security: Perimeter, Access, Visibility,…

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