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Sean is a tenured infrastructure scaling and cloud strategy consultant with a strong focus on strategic partnerships and innovative hybrid technology. He has been a part of integral shifts in technology including the rise of cloud computing, open source standardization, and big data. Sean quickly became a go-to resource and speaker for data specific workloads focusing on technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, SQL, and Data Warehousing. At Rackspace Hosting, Sean helped build and launch open-source cloud platforms around Hadoop, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Redis. Sean is currently marketing manager for IT Solutions at Cloudera; the pioneers of Apache Hadoop.

Capturing New Data Sources to Deliver Smarter Products and Services

Categories: Corporate Enterprise Data Hub Product

We talk a lot about the enterprise data hub at Cloudera. It’s a technology concept that we believe strongly in. And for good reason, we are seeing the success of our customers in unifying their data systems and launching new functionality and applications all powered by a single technology platform. We are seeing organizations adopt…

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Bringing Superior Analytic Performance and Security to Fast Data

Categories: Analytic Database Enterprise Data Hub

Analytic database systems are the focus of an evolving conversation aimed at delivering highly performant analytic functionality over vast amounts of varying data types.  Not just structured or unstructured data; but streams of data and time relevant data that stress the limits of conventional data platforms. In addition, the introduction of modern hardware profiles is…

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