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Ryan Goldman is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera.

Efficient Allocation in the Utility with Big Data

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The Smart Grid Transformation The primary enabler to a modern, data-driven utility is the adoption of smart grid technologies. Unlike other industries, which have for decades used sensors and online networks to digitize, communicate, and manage resource delivery and utilization information, utilities have only just begun to adopt automation technologies during the past few years.…

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Better Care with Big Data: Cloudera at HIMSS 2015

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Healthcare is perhaps more affected by the rapid proliferation of data than any other industry. With the HITECH and HIPAA regulations and high-visibility data breaches driving more focus on security, retention, and privacy of personal health information (PHI), the latent demand for a scalable data strategy has become a primary driver of industry decision-making. Rapid…

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Mobile World Congress, Big Data, and Telecoms in 2015

Categories: General

In 2015, consumers will continue to share more data about themselves in return for more personalized services. Yet those consumers will also become more concerned with protecting their privacy. Data is streaming from devices, networks, sensors, and machines at an unprecedented rate, offering telecommunications firms and the broader mobile ecosystem deeper insights than previously imaginable.…

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Retail, Big Data, and Pervasive Analytics: Lessons from NRF 2015

Categories: Events General Security

Perhaps no industry has been more affected by the data deluge than retail. E-commerce now compels even brick-and-mortar stores to develop a comprehensive online sales and marketing strategy. Supply channels are more complex, and the web has removed barriers that previously kept manufacturers from vertically integrating into the retail space. Retailers have more diverse transactional…

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