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John DesJardins is a Business Strategist for Cloudera, helping customers achieve data-driven innovation, leveraging his knowledge across Big Data, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. He is an active blogger and speaker. John brings over 20 years innovating in Enterprise Software, including work with global organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Comcast, CenturyLink, Navistar, ABN AMRO, T-Mobile, and Rockwell Automation, and many others. He has architected global-scale real-time solutions and advised executives on strategic initiatives. He holds a BS in Economics from George Mason University, where he first built predictive models, long before that was considered cool.

Big Data Critical in IoT to the Progression from Connected to Autonomous Things

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There is a progression in the maturity of solutions around the Internet of Things, from Connected, to Smart, and eventually to Autonomous.   Connected Things As connectivity has expanded, things have become more connected –to the internet and to one another. Connectivity enables them to communicate their state or to retrieve information, enabling visibility, and…

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