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Pervasive Analytics: No So Fast

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From the middle of the twentieth century until nearly its end, computers in business were mostly consumed with the process of capturing operational transactions for audit and regulatory purposes. Reporting for decision-making was repetitive and inactive. Some interactivity with the computer began to emerge in the eighties, but it was applied mostly to data input…

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The Evolution of Zoosk’s Analytic Platform: The Continued Marriage of Hadoop and OLAP

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This blog was penned by Martin Lam who is the Sr. Director, Analytics and Data Science at Zoosk. You can find the original blog here. —————- Almost three years ago in 2012, I wrote about the marriage of Hadoop and OLAP at Zoosk, which frankly was like witnessing two people finding their soulmate. They both compliment…

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Cloudera + Niara: Why Big Data Security Analytics? Why Now?

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By Larry Lunetta, VP Business Development, Niara Enterprise product/market dislocations generally require the confluence of several factors. We are in the middle of a dislocation in the security space that is still so new there isn’t even an agreed-upon name for it. The closest we’ve seen is “Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA)”. It’s certainly new…

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