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Evolving to Modern Data Centers with Cloudera Enterprise and Denodo Data Virtualization

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Hadoop and big data technologies, in general, have changed the rules for not only data management but also data integration. Business critical insights derived from advanced analytics by combining data sourced across Apache Hadoop, cloud, and back-office systems and delivered in real-time to business users enable organizations to deliver superior products and services, and provide…

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Converging Scale-out BI and Visual Analytics with Impala: Big data for a bigger universe of business users

Categories: Partners

Recently we announced how Impala provides a compelling new platform for Data Discovery and Analytics. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Shant Hovsepian, CTO and Co-founder of Arcadia Data, a contributor to the Apache Impala project. ——————————————— When people talk big data and Hadoop, it’s usually about the scale of data…

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Opower Unlocks Customer Engagement with Big Data Discovery

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Last week, Cloudera participated in a webinar with Opower and Platfora to talk about how Opower uses big data discovery to unlock its customer engagement. Today, we are happy to have Brian Denker, Senior Director, Field Services at Platfora to talk to us more in depth about how Platfora enables fast and easy big data discovery on Cloudera. —–…

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