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David Tishgart is director of product marketing at Cloudera focused on cloud products and strategy. Prior to joining Cloudera, David ran product and partner marketing programs at Gazzang, helping to drive the discussion around enterprise security for Hadoop. He holds a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Sharing is Important for Big Data Analytics

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Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with SAS vice president of Big Data, Paul Kent to get his thoughts on the vibrant Apache Hadoop ecosystem, and discuss how SAS and Cloudera customers are benefitting from our joint engineering work. The following blog includes excerpts from that conversation: David: When you think about Hadoop,…

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Use Apache Hadoop and Tableau to Improve Marketing Outcomes

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Psst… hey, can you keep a secret? I heard from a reliable source who shall remain nameless that there’s a new Star Wars movie about to hit the theaters! Maybe even as soon as this month! OK,  obviously this isn’t a secret. In fact, I believe the omni-channel marketing campaign that is generating hype for…

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Expanding Enterprise Data Governance Options with Talend and Cloudera

Categories: Compliance Partners

Previously, we announced that the leaders in the data governance space have joined Cloudera to provide a unified foundation for open metadata and end-to-end visibility for governance. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Yann Delacourt, director of product management at Talend and Christophe Toum, senior product manager at Talend. —– Savvy organizations…

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SAP, Cloudera & Spark: Streaming Analytics for Business Data and Big Data

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What if you could more accurately predict how much an investment is likely to lose over a given period of time? Or gain better precision in determining risk exposure based on credit valuation adjustment (CVA) calculations? Financial institutions are constantly evaluating risk, and in ever increasing numbers, organizations are running these assessments on Apache Spark. We’ve written…

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