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Daniel Ng, Senior Director, APAC, Cloudera, is an end-in-mind strategist, championing business and technology values for customers, from SMBs to Enterprises. His 31 years of experience in the ICT industry saw him cover the APAC region in Marketing, Business Development, and Sales roles for companies like IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, after his first job with Nixdorf as a Software Engineer. He has led Sun Microsystems into becoming the first Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company and has led efforts in establishing e-business for IBM, Open Source for Red Hat and now Big Data Analytics for Cloudera. Daniel is also a winning mentor for the 2015 Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition, and is an advisor for numerous start-ups in Singapore and globally.

Cloudera Empowers Data Talents for APAC’s Future Economy

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Exactly a year ago, we launched the Cloudera Big Analytics Skills Enablement (BASE) Initiative in Singapore and Malaysia – an industry-led, holistic ecosystem to help nurture data professionals in the current and future workforce. Today, we have added China, Korea, and most recently, Indonesia to the list of Asia Pacific countries that have embarked on…

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Smarter Citizens in a Smarter World

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The Singapore government is driving towards creating the world’s first Smart Nation. Interestingly, a major part of this initiative involves citizens and how technology can be leveraged to improve our lives[i]. Essentially, this should mean that businesses and the community as a whole will be encouraged to contribute and join the drive towards innovation. At…

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