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The Power of Machine Learning in Insurance

Categories: Financial Services

Machine learning is in the news. Google says it is “rethinking everything” around machine learning. In Slate, tech writer David Auerbach argues that machine learning reshapes how we live. In Harvard Business Review, Mike Yeomans writes that “every manager” should know about machine learning. If you are an insurance executive, these claims may seem like…

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Update on Apache Spot: Tremendous advancement in cybersecurity data analytics and event management capabilities

Categories: Cybersecurity

The trend of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to the mission of cyber defense is one of the most promising activities in the cybersecurity community. The trend towards eliminating data stovepipes to allow analysts to work over all relevant security data is also a very positive movement. Both of those trends are apparent in…

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Omneo’s Journey to an Enterprise Data Hub

Categories: Enterprise Data Hub Success Stories

Omneo Enterprise Data Hub The Omneo team embarked on a journey into Big Data to solve a complex problem, to bring product quality intelligence to manufacturers in a complex supply chain. The challenge encompassed several primary aspects including, multiple distributed data sources, heterogeneous data sets, lack of a consistent or common industry format for data,…

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Open Data Science: Still Rising

Categories: Data Science

Last month, Thomas Dinsmore penned his take, in his inimitable style, on a recent analyst report surveying data science platforms. He noted that the landscape doesn’t seem to overlap much with technologies commonly found in other surveys of most-used data science tools. To paraphrase: Has anyone yet seen a user of IBM’s platform in the…

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