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Alex Gutow is a Product Marketing Manager for Cloudera. Prior to Cloudera, she managed marketing and PR for Basho Technologies. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in San Francisco.

Tap into the Value of Your Data without the Risk with Apache Sentry and RecordService

Categories: Product Security

Over the past ten years, Apache Hadoop has come a long way. In Doug Cutting’s recent blog post, he talks about Hadoop’s history and the path of transforming this technology from developer-centric software to a powerful platform for Fortune 500 companies. That’s the premise on which Cloudera was founded, and today we see hundreds and…

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A Year in Review for Apache Spark

Categories: Product

Though Apache Spark was first created nearly three years ago, the past year has seen tremendous growth and adoption of the project. Spark has now become the most popular Apache Software Foundation project, with fifty-percent more activity than the core Apache Hadoop project itself, and over 750 contributors across hundreds of companies. As part of…

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