A Look Back at the Top 10 VISION Blog Posts of 2015

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Which topics interested you the most in 2015? Find out below.

It’s our annual custom to bring you a list of this blog’s most popular posts of the year. (See the 2014 version.) As 2015 comes to a close, we want to share the “Top 10” VISION blogs. You, our readers were most interested in topics ranging from the Cloudera and Cask relationship to Apache Kudu (incubating) and Apache Kafka. Please note that blogs posted earlier in the year have a slight advantage as they have had more time to accumulate page views.

1. The Open Data Platform Alliance

By: Mike Olson

Mike Olson explains Cloudera’s respect for the open source software community and why Cloudera opted out of being part of the Open Data Platform.

2. Introducing Kudu: The New Hadoop Storage Engine for Fast Analytics on Fast Data

By: Alex Gutow

A new addition to the open source Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Kudu (incubating) completes Hadoop’s storage layer to enable fast analytics on fast data. Learn more about Kudu here.

3. Cloudera and Cask

By: Mike Olson

Cloudera and Cask announce their partnership that includes collaboration on products, planned to deliver the very best developer experience in the industry for big data applications.

4. Cloudera to Release First Recursive Hadoop Stack

Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, announced the pending release of Spark-on-Hive-on-MapReduce-on-Spark-on-Oozie-on-HBase-on-Hive-on-Spark-on-Flume-on-HDFS-on-Impala-on-Spark-on-Hive-on-MapReduce-on-Spark-on-Oozie-on-HBase-on-Hive-on-Spark-on-Flume-on-HDFS-on-Impala-on-Spark-on-Hive-on-MapReduce-on-Spark-on-Oozie-on-HBase-on-Hive-on-Spark-on-Flume-on-HDFS-on-Impala-on-…, the industry’s first truly recursive data platform 🙂

5. The One Platform Initiative

By: Mike Olson

One Platform Initiative highlights the fact that Apache Spark is a key part of current and future Hadoop — and that the Hadoop ecosystem offers rich services which Spark, on its own, lacks. We need them more deeply integrated to deliver maximum return on big data.

6. Data Governance in Hadoop – Part 1

By: Mark Donsky

Take a look at the core elements of enterprise data governance and why data governance is so challenging in Hadoop. Part two can be found here.

7. Driving Standards for Big Data Ingest

By: Mike Olson

Together with Confluent, the Apache Kafka company, Cloudera announced a collaborative effort to publish the API compatibility tests we’ve each developed as part of the Kafka project.

8. Apache Kafka: A Platform for Real-Time Data Streams – Part 1

By: Jay Kreps, CEO at Confluent

One of the original authors of Apache Kafka discusses why it was made, what it is for, and how to put it to use for capturing and processing real-time data streams. Part two can be found here.

9. Beware of Openwashing

By: Doug Cutting

Doug Cutting, the founder of Apache Hadoop, former Chairman at Apache Software Foundation clarified the ASF’s definition of open versus the Open Data Platform’s definition of open.

10. Apache Spark, Cloudera Search, Impala — Which is best for Analytics?

By: Justin Langseth, CEO at Zoomdata

Zoomdata’s CEO explains how you can utilize Cloudera Search, Apache Impala and Apache Spark on the Zoomdata platform to power your big data visualization, exploration and analytics.

Based on the list above, it looks like many of you are interested in, or perhaps are already integrating Spark, Kafka and Kudu into your Hadoop ecosystems. What are your predictions for what 2016 will bring in this ever-evolving space?


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