A Look Back at the Top 10 VISION Blog Posts of 2014

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As 2014 comes to a close, we want to share the “Top 10” VISION blogs. You, our readers were most interested in topics ranging from the Intel/Cloudera relationship to Spark to Hadoop 101. Please note that blogs posted earlier in the year have a slight advantage as they have had more time to accumulate page views.

1. Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse: Hadoop 101 for Enterprise Data Professionals – Dr. Ralph Kimball Answers Your Questions
By Matt Brandwein
Follow up with Dr. Ralph Kimball from the Hadoop 101 webinar. The replay can be found here.

2. Broadening Support for Apache Spark
By Charles Zedlewski
Learn more about the Databricks, IBM, Intel, MapR and Cloudera collaboration to broaden support for Apache Spark as the standard data processing engine for the Hadoop ecosystem.

3. Apache Spark – Welcome to the CDH family
By Jairam Ranganathan
An overview of the technology behind Apache Spark and how it has been integrated into CDH, also gives an overview of our partnership with Databricks.

4. The Next Ten Years
By Mike Olson
Mike Olson, CSO and co-founder of Cloudera gives an overview of our partnership with Intel, Hadoop’s 10-year history and predictions for the future.

5. Hadoop For Small Data
By Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky (Guest)
Find out how Hadoop is used not only for big data, but also for “small data,” and how big and small companies alike will benefit.

6. Is Cloudera Trying to Kill the EDW? No.
By Alan Saldich
Learn how the enterprise data hub complements a data warehouse, and how the two technologies working side by side will give companies new capabilities and insights.

7. Apache Spark in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem
By Jairam Ranganathan
A report card of how Apache Spark is becoming more integrated with the following Hadoop architectural layers: Apache Crunch, Kite SDK, Apache Solr, Apache Pig and Apache Hive.

8. Try Hadoop Online with Cloudera Live
By Matt Brandwein
This blog introduces Cloudera Live, a new way to get started with Apache Hadoop online, in seconds. No downloads, no installations, no waiting.

9. CDH 5 / Cloudera Manager 5 Generally Available
By Charles Zedlewski
Introducing CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager, showing the improvements in CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager 5 from previous versions.

10. Project Rhino and Sentry: Onward to Unified Authorization
By Steven Ross
An overview of Intel’s Project Rhino and Cloudera backed Apache Sentry, their integration and how it will impact the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem.

And one more that didn’t make the list, but we think you might like to read up on is:

Pervasive Analytics Gets Real
By TJ Laher
We answer your questions following our joint webinar with Forrester and Intel. We discuss the strategy of pervasive analytics and how it is specifically impacting the healthcare, retail, and financial services space. If you weren’t able to catch the live webinar, the recording is available here.

Based on the list above, it looks like many of you are interested in, or perhaps are already integrating Apache Spark into your Hadoop ecosystems. What are your predictions for what 2015 will bring in this ever-evolving space?


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