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Apache Spark in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

At the recently concluded Spark Summit conference, Mike Olson spoke about the emergence of Apache Spark as a new standard for Hadoop data processing. As part of that, we announced an industry wide collaboration with key organizations in the Hadoop community to evolve projects built on top of MapReduce to migrate to the Spark execution engine and spearheaded efforts for Spark integration with common Hadoop architectural layers like YARN to ensure Spark can run alongside purpose-built engines like Impala and Solr. (more…)

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We Love It When Mission Focused Providers Like Cloudera and Pentaho Work Together

Cloudera and Pentaho work well together and I’ve seen that first-hand in the marketplace. One very interesting way they are working together is through a deep integration of the two capabilities in ways that can deliver fast analysis to users. Pentaho can provide analytical tools that take advantage of the holdings and power of the enterprise data hub (EDH).

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Cisco and Cloudera Product Integration – Making it even Easier to Deploy and Manage Hadoop Clusters!

Cloudera and Cisco have been long time partners with a certified reference architecture enabling enterprises to deploy a Cloudera enterprise data hub (EDH) solution along with Cisco UCS solutions. (more…)

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The Big Data Dream is Now Reality

Over the past year, we have observed many developments in the Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics industry.  On the Big Data Analytics side, the introduction of, and aptly named, Spark has re-invigorated interest in Hadoop by elegantly adding in-memory capabilities to the platform without increased complexity.  Machine learning projects like MLlib demonstrate the promise of this new technology by employing the cache-ing behavior to speed up iterative analysis 100 fold.  At Alpine Data Labs, we are fully committed to this new technology and have committed a number of algorithms that will be included in the next release. In the Business Intelligence arena, there are two prominent areas of development.  First, new data visualization products are taking the industry by storm enabling far more business users to discover new insights in their data. In the words of Google’s supreme web analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik, “Make love to your data.”  Second, advancements in the application of advanced analytics to business problems are pushing the level of value creation from data to entirely new levels.  This is primarily due to the advancements in open source technologies like R, Mahout, and the aforementioned MLLib. As a result, there are over 5000 R packages or libraries spanning practically all industries.  Additionally, new jobs have sprung up at almost every level. From Data Janitor according to the NYTimes, to the sexy Data Scientist, according to HBR and most recently an entirely new executive, the Chief Data Officer.

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