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Production-Ready Hadoop: An Overview of Security in Cloudera 5

As Apache Hadoop becomes increasingly critical to enterprises looking to get more value from more of their data, security and governance concerns are top-of-mind when evaluating Hadoop platforms. Cloudera 5 and related releases (5.3 being the most recent of Cloudera 5.x) offers comprehensive security controls that address the four pillars of security: Perimeter, Access, Visibility, Data.

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Retail, Big Data, and Pervasive Analytics: Lessons from NRF 2015

Perhaps no industry has been more affected by the data deluge than retail. E-commerce now compels even brick-and-mortar stores to develop a comprehensive online sales and marketing strategy. Supply channels are more complex, and the web has removed barriers that previously kept manufacturers from vertically integrating into the retail space. Retailers have more diverse transactional data than ever, which holds opportunity for deeper customer insights when synchronized with online and offline behavior data, but also poses a threat from cyber-attackers that threaten privacy, denial of service, and theft.

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