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Mobile World Congress, Big Data, and Telecoms in 2015

In 2015, consumers will continue to share more data about themselves in return for more personalized services. Yet those consumers will also become more concerned with protecting their privacy. Data is streaming from devices, networks, sensors, and machines at an unprecedented rate, offering telecommunications firms and the broader mobile ecosystem deeper insights than previously imaginable. Market players—from operators and manufacturers to application developers, content providers, and advertisers—must ensure they use data appropriately or risk losing the confidence of their customers and partners and damaging their brands.

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Simplifying the Cloud with Cloudera Director 1.1

With more and more data being stored in the cloud, it’s no wonder that we are seeing Hadoop follow suit. However, too often for users, they are forced to make tradeoffs when deploying Hadoop in the cloud, particularly around the flexibility and choice provided with Hadoop. With Cloudera’s platform, we are redefining Hadoop in the cloud and bringing back choice. Not only did we launch Cloudera Director in October of last year, but we also expanded key partnerships with popular cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure. These advancements not only provide a reliable, repeatable experience, regardless of cloud preference, but they also bring broader deployment flexibility, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid approach.

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Apache Kafka Graduates from Cloudera Labs

Apache Kafka is one of the hottest new projects in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, providing easy and flexible data ingestion at Hadoop scale. Originally started at LinkedIn, Kafka has become the tool of choice for customers looking for a high throughput, publish-subscribe messaging system and is now an integrated and supported part of Cloudera’s platform.

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Beware of Openwashing

The Open Data Platform (ODP) Initiative was recently announced. Among other things, it provides a distribution of software centered around Apache Hadoop. This is a bit surprising, as there’s already an open, community effort to create a standard distribution, namely: Apache Bigtop. So how does the ODP differ from Bigtop? (more…)

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