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SAP, Cloudera & Spark: Streaming Analytics for Business Data and Big Data

What if you could more accurately predict how much an investment is likely to lose over a given period of time? Or gain better precision in determining risk exposure based on credit valuation adjustment (CVA) calculations?

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Big, Bigger, Biggest Data in Oil & Gas

For decades the oil & gas industries have used advanced analytics to attempt to understand the earth’s subsurface. And now with the advent of ‘Big Data’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ the Oil & Gas Industries are primed to make revolutionary advances in how they use data to manage and grow their business.

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Operational Analytics and the Enterprise Data Hub

Hired Brains analyst and data expert Neil Raden joins us for the final white paper of his Enterprise Data Hub, The Next Gen Platform series. Neil has taken us through the systems that ensure that data is captured, refined, and presented to business users for advanced analysis that is delivering amazing new business value to organizations. In the final paper Neil discusses how users are taking these deep insights and building robust dashboarding and online application functionality. Neil introduces us to the concept of Operational Analytics.

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Cloudera Navigator + Partners = Comprehensive Big Data Governance Today

Back in March, Cloudera’s director of product management for data management and governance solutions, Mark Donsky, wrote a two-part blog (part 1 and part 2) explaining the importance of data governance and the complexity of implementing it in Hadoop. He emphasized that data governance is an organization-wide effort that extends well beyond Hadoop or any other data management platform. Any governance done in a silo is simply insufficient.

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