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My Visit to Skybox

Some years ago, a well-known database researcher named Jim Gray sailed single-handed from the San Francisco marina near the Golden Gate to the Farallon Islands. Jim was an experienced sailor on a clear, calm day. Something happened on that trip — we never learned what — and Jim disappeared. He was well-known enough, and well-connected enough to the remote sensing community, that a remarkable volunteer effort (a deeper technical recap is here) sprang up to locate his craft on the water and, we hoped, to rescue him. The volunteer group worked with DigitalGlobe, the Amazon Mechanical Turk system, the US Coast Guard and a number of private citizens and companies (Microsoft in particular), but we failed to find any sign of Jim or his boat Tenacious. By the time we could get satellite coverage of the area, days had passed and the behavior of ocean currents introduced uncertainty as to the best places to search.

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Comprehensive Security for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise provides end-to-end security and governance, by protecting all four pillars of security: perimeter, access, data, and visibility. This allows you to maintain all of the benefits of Hadoop (flexibility, accessibility, etc), while ensuring that even the most sensitive of data is secure. To walk you through how Cloudera provides compliance-ready security for Hadoop, we are hosting a four-part security webinar series, “Comprehensive Security for the Enterprise.” (more…)

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Cloudera and Splunk Make Big Data Easy for Everyone

Splunk software complements what you are doing today with Cloudera Enterprise (powered by Hadoop) and offers unique value to enable everyone in your department or organization to interactively search, explore and analyze data in CDH and Cloudera’s enterprise data hub. (more…)

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Cloudera Enterprise 5.1 Continues to Improve Security and Performance in Hadoop

CDH, Cloudera’s open source Apache Hadoop platform, is a powerful tool designed to move your business forward. However, the power of the platform goes beyond massive storage, flexibility, and analytics. To truly benefit from the power of Hadoop, you need to ensure that the platform and the components meet the stringent requirements of your enterprise. CDH and Cloudera Enterprise are designed to meet these requirements and, building on our alliance with Intel, we are dedicated to constantly improving to meet your enterprise needs.

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