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5 Change Management Tips for Pervasive Analytics Success

Trying to deploy a pervasive analytics strategy for your entire organization, or even a department, is not an easy task. That being said, changing the way people work has never been an easy task, imagine cloud computing 15 years ago. Until the average employee can physically see how this new technology can change their live for the better, there is always friction in adoption because of traditional habits. This friction is why organizations need to make sure they have a well thought out change management plan when rolling out analytic solutions. Besides choosing the right technology, a well thought out plan will help guarantee mass adoption and long term success.

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Q&A from “The Challenges of Securing Big Data” webinar with IDC and Visa

We recently hosted, “Innovation Without Compromise: The Challenges of Securing Big Data,” a roundtable discussion with IDC, Visa, and Cloudera around the changing world of big data security. During this live discussion, we received many questions from our audience and we didn’t have time to answer them all.

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Tubular Labs Helps Content Creators Grow Their YouTube Brands with Better Videos

Every day over three billion videos are viewed on YouTube, and the likelihood that you or someone you know tunes out after the first video is slim to none. You might wonder why that is. It is simple, great content that interests you. Different content producers, such as AwesomenessTV, Jamie Oliver, Maker Studios, Seventeen Magazine and Vice rely on Tubular Labs for real-time insights in order to create and bring you the most interesting content, at the right time.

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The Business Value of Pervasive Analytics

The end goal of pervasive analytics is simple and will change the way in which the world operates today. By feeding individuals the right information, at the right time, analytics become invisible and embedded into every application and workflow of every user. It is a vision, a goal, a strategy that every individual across every industry can rally around in order to drive the business metrics that matter through the use of data.

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