Big Data Critical in IoT to the Progression from Connected to Autonomous Things

Categories: Cloud

There is a progression in the maturity of solutions around the Internet of Things, from Connected, to Smart, and eventually to Autonomous.   Connected Things As connectivity has expanded, things have become more connected –to the internet and to one another. Connectivity enables them to communicate their state or to retrieve information, enabling visibility, and…

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The Challenge of Fetching Data for Apache Spot (incubating)

Categories: Open Source Software Partners

What do Sony, Target and the Democratic Party have in common? Besides being well-respected brands, they’ve all been subject to some very public and embarrassing hacks over the past 24 months. Because cybercrime is no longer driven by angst-ridden teenagers but rather professional criminal organizations and state-sponsored hacker groups, the halcyon days of looking for…

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Congratulations to the 2016 Data Impact Award Winners!

Categories: General

Another Strata+Hadoop World, New York edition, has come and gone (whew). As the largest annual conference attended by our customers, it naturally keeps me — Cloudera’s customer advocacy programs leader — very busy. Though sometimes seemingly frenetic, between customer meetings, success story interviews, the early morning Data Dash run for charity, and the Data Impact…

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